Novel and author presentation in Sacramento, California
Hosted by the Sacramento Portuguese Historical and Cultural Society,

Cabrillo Civic Club No. 5 and the American-Portuguese Club Ladies Auxiliary

Event photos by Joseph Ferreira and Marília Wiget


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Author Álamo Oliveira, visiting from the Azores, captivates the audience at the Monsignor Val Fagundes Social Hall of St. Elizabeth Portuguese National Church on 23 April 2006. The occasion was a formal presentation of I No Longer Like Chocolates, the new English translation of his acclaimed novel Já não gosto de chocolates by Diniz Borges and Katharine Baker.



PHCS President Terri White presents Álamo Oliveira a box of – what else? – chocolates. Álamo confessed to the audience that, unlike the book’s main character, he really DOES like chocolates!


Guitarist Julia Borba receives compliments from  Alvarinho Clementino and Delminda Rodrigues.


Bob and Marília Wiget listen intently as Hélio Beirão plays a 15-string Azorean viola da terra.

Left to right (foreground): From Tulare, Nivéria and Diniz Borges; from Angra do Heroísmo, Terceira, Álamo Oliveira; (2nd row) Delminda Rodrigues and Portuguese Heritage Publications President José Rodrigues (in cap).

Evelyn Taylor looks on as novelist Álamo Oliveira signs a copy of I No Longer Like Chocolates for her at the autograph table.

Translator Diniz Borges and PHCS Vice President Marília Coquim Wiget addressed the audience, and read excerpts from the English translation of Álamo Oliveira's novel I No Longer Like Chocolates.


Napa poet Maria das Dores Beirão recites a poem by Álamo Oliveira.




by Marília Coquim Wiget, O Progresso


   Portuguese Historical and Cultural Society of Sacramento was host to the final appearance of Álamo Oliveira on his book launch tour of California. In collaboration with Cabrillo Civic Club No. 5 and the American-Portuguese Club Ladies Auxiliary, PHCS provided an afternoon of delicious appetizers and light entertainment while focusing on the work of Álamo Oliveira with readings from the English version of his novel, I No Longer Like Chocolates [Já não gosto de chocolates].
   Following PHCS President Terri White's opening remarks, Dr. Diniz Borges (Conselheiro das Comunidades and professor of Portuguese Language and Culture) explained the premise behind the book and its translation into English by Dra. Katharine Baker and himself. Borges and Marília Wiget (PHCS vice-president, and a Director on the Board of Portuguese Heritage Publications) read passages of the book prior to Álamo Oliveira's heartfelt “thanks” to the translators for their hard work and keeping to the true spirit and intent of his work.



   In his novel, Oliveira strives to recognize the heroism of those who came to this country in search of a better future. “I believe,” stated Oliveira, “that if one was to analyze the current state of progress in the Azores, one must look at the lessons of courage, hard work, solidarity and culture that the Azorean immigrants and their descendants were able to transmit to those who stayed behind.”

   Prior to autographing books for purchasers, Oliveira was feted with a surprise performance from his good friends from Napa, Mr. and Mrs. Hélio Beirão. Maria das Dores Beirão, an accomplished poet in her own right, read one of Oliveira's poems, and David and Julia Borba accompanied Mr. Beirão playing several melodies on Portuguese guitars. Also performing were youth dancers from the Luso-American Youth Group, Sacramento, under direction of Judy Teixeira.
   Portuguese Heritage Publications of California was represented by President José Rodrigues who provided an array of books published by PHCP, Inc., in addition to I No Longer Like Chocolates, which is one in the “Décima Ilha” series of publications.


Amelia Azevedo and Marie Dutra Gambrel pose with their new copies of the novel.

Left to right: An unidentified gentleman chats with Hélio Beirão and Raul Lima.

Maria Marshall, Gui Sequeira and Rosa Fernandes are all smiles over their new books.




Left to right: Musicians David Borba, Julia Borba and Hélio Beirão entertain with several pieces of Azorean music on traditional Portuguese guitars.


Aileen Alves Gage and Barbara Azevedo peruse the book selection from Portuguese Heritage Publications.




A troupe of young dancers from the Luso-American Fraternal Federation Youth Council #4, Sacramento, under the direction of Judy Teixeira, entertain the audience with a selection of Azorean folk dances.


Junior dancers join the adults in an Azorean folk dance.

Translator Diniz Borges converses with Bernadette Nunes.


Below left: PHCS President Terri White and Dolores Silva Greenslate help prepare refreshments for the reception.

Below right: Isaura Valim (l. foreground) and Scott Ingraham (r. background) admire the wide array of offerings at the buffet table, including many Azorean dishes.


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