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  Marcolino Candeias, Álamo Oliveira  and Diniz Borges

Book cover designer Marcolino Candeias (c.), flanked by daughter Maitê and wife Deka, celebrates Angra do Heroísmo's Sanjoaninas festival with friends Álamo Oliveira (l.) and Diniz Borges (r.).



Image credits:

  • Cover art for the book I No Longer Like Chocolates by Marcolino Candeias in collaboration with Álamo Oliveira and Diniz Borges; elements adapted for use on this website: courtesy Marcolino Candeias.

  • Álamo Oliveira portrait: courtesy Diário Insular.

  • Diniz Borges portrait: On a Leaf of Blue, University of California-Berkeley Institute of Government Studies Press, 2003.

  • Katharine Baker portrait: by Joseph M. Newcomer.

  • Álamo Oliveira and Diniz Borges at Sacramento presentation (Commentaries page): by Joseph Ferreira.

  • Álamo Oliveira and Terri White at Sacramento presentation (Truffle recipe, main Reception and Sacramento Reception pages): by Joseph Ferreira.

  • Gilroy [CA] book presentation: by Mayor Al Pinheiro.

  • Gilroy I.F.D.E.S. lodge

  • Sacramento book presentation: by Joseph Ferreira and Marília Coquim Wiget.

  • Tipton [CA] book presentation: by Tony Goulart.

  • Tipton S.P.D.E.S. hall: by Anthony L.X. Bettencourt, from Holy Ghost Festas, A Historic Perspective of the Portuguese in California (Portuguese Heritage Publications of California), 2002: courtesy José do Couto Rodrigues.

  • Turlock [CA] book presentation: by Dr. Elmano Costa.

  • Deka Purim and Duarte Dores performing bossa nova music (Cultural Tourism photo album): by Marcolino Candeias.

  • Joe Fontes aboard Imigrante; Lucy Fontes at grain mill on São Miguel (Cultural Tourism photo album): courtesy Joe Fontes.

  • John Deiner portrait (Cultural Tourism texts page).

  • Azores map (Excerpts and both Cultural Tourism pages).

  • Poster from the IV Encontro de Teatro of the Grupo de Teatro da Sociedade Musical Recreio of Terra Chã, Terceira (Play page).

  • Poster from the 7th Juvearte theater festival of Ponta Delgada, São Miguel (Play page).

  • Chocolate truffles (Truffles recipe page): by John Baker.

  • 2-3 Apr 2004, Berkeley celebration of 30th anniversary of the Carnation Revolution (Apr 25 page): courtesy Mundo Português.

  • 2 May 2004, Tulare Festa do Emigrante (25 Apr page): André Jorge portrait, Diário dos Açores; all other images: by Carol Fredericks and Katharine Baker.

  • Photos by Katharine Baker: All other images on Cultural Tourism photo album; Our Lady of the Assumption Portuguese National Church and parish hall, (Turlock Reception page); University of California-Berkeley campus (main Receptions page); San Francisco Civic Center BART subway station (Play page); Marcolino Candeias with family and friends, and website tech support team (this page).

  • Teresa Ascencao portrait.

  • Luís Antônio de Assis Brasil portrait.

  • Natália Correia portrait.

  • Emanuel Félix portrait.

  • Francisco Cota Fagundes portrait.

  • Vamberto Freitas portrait.

  • Ivo Machado portrait.

  • Joel Neto portrait.

  • Carmen M. Ramos Villar portrait.

  • Gabriela Silva portrait: courtesy Gabriela Silva.

  • Serdar Tumgoren portrait: courtesy Shore Publishing, in the Guilford [CT] Courier.


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Text credits:

  • Interview "O gozo da escrita" ["The Joy of Writing"] by Hélio Vieira, adapted and translated from the 22 Jan 2006 Diário Insular interview with Álamo Oliveira: courtesy Hélio Vieira and Diário Insular, Angra do Heroísmo, Terceira, Azores.

  • Commentary "Women in Já não gosto de chocolates," presented by Álamo Oliveira at the 1st International Conference, The Choice and Voice of Portuguese Immigrant Women, 20 Sep 2003, translated from the Portuguese transcript published in the conference proceedings by the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, University of Toronto, ON, Canada, pp. 68-71.

  • Commentary "Portrait of a People: Álamo Oliveíra's Já não gosto de chocolates and the Saga of Azorean Emigration to California," adapted and translated from a paper presented by Diniz Borges at the colloquium Portuguese-American Literature: The First One Hundred Years, 14-15 Apr 2001, Department of Portuguese and Brazilian Studies, Yale University, New Haven, CT. Original Portuguese text: courtesy the author.

  • Commentary “Travelling, the Traveller and the Journey Theme in Azorean Literature.” Dr. Carmen (Edwardes) Ramos Villar (University of Sheffield): Revised 2009 by author from paper presented 9-12 May 2001. Originally published in Actas do IV Congresso Internacional da Associação Portuguesa de Literatura Comparada, Estudos Literários / Estudos Culturais, Vol. I: “Relações Intraliterárias, Contextos Culturais e Estudos Pós-Coloniais.” University of Évora, Portugal.

  • Essay "The Theater and the California Communities," about Álamo Oliveíra's play Bocas de mulheres [The Mouths of Women], by Diniz Borges, translated from essay published in the Pena & Lápis [Pen & Pencil] column of the Portuguese-Canadian magazine Sol Português, 21 Apr 2006, and Diário Insular, 23 Apr 2006.

  • Blog "Homage from an Islander II" (about Álamo Oliveira's play Bocas de mulheres [The Mouths of Women]) by Paulo J. Ribeiro, Praia da Vitória, Terceira, Azores, posted on Ilhéu do Norte, 24 Jan 2006.

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  • Articles "A Man for Off-Season" (adapted excerpts), "Which Island Is Right for You?" and "Off Season Azores" (hyperlink only), by John Deiner, Washington Post, 18 Mar 2007; reprinted in the Modesto [CA] Bee, 25 Mar; White Plains [NY] Journal News; 1 Apr, Providence [RI] Journal, 8 Apr; and, translated into Polish as "Plażowy raj poza sezonem,", 4 Apr.

  • Poems by Álamo Oliveira: "Aos poetas" (originally published in 14 Poetas de Aqui e de Agora, 1974); "Do Abril" (originally published in Cantar o Corpo, 1979). Reprinted in the anthology 25 de Abril - Uma aventura para a democracia - Textos Literários, by Centro de Documentação 25 de Abril, University of Coimbra, Portugal, pp. 50-51.

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  • Article "Sacramento 'Chocolates' Event a Success," by Marília Coquim Wiget: courtesy O Progresso, Sacramento [CA] Portuguese Historical and Cultural Society.

  • Recipes Dark chocolate truffles, adapted from Carnegie Treasures Cookbook, Arboretum Press, NY, 1984; White chocolate truffles, composite of basic recipes on the Internet. Translation of truffle recipes by Katharine Baker in consultation with Marcolino Candeias.

  • Other translations for this website by Katharine Baker in consultation with Bobby J. Chamberlain, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Hispanic Languages and Literature, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA.


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